Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dandelion Dreams

My favorite part of spring is when my bulbs start to bloom. the 90 degree weather we had this week, pushed my daffodils right up and open! I have about 8 different breeds of daffodils, spread around my yard. It is by far one of my favorite flowers, because its the first to greet us in the spring. Daffodils bring sunshine and hope, after the cold and long winters we have in NE.
other plants and bushes are already blossoming. my forsithia is already in bloom, creating a vibrant yellow hedge in my front yard. Ive spotted a few Magnolias and weeping cherry trees blooming, as well as some rhodadendons. Next will be the tulips! I have about a dozen different colors and breeds of that bulb as well. Ive noticed my monster bee balm survived. lastyear i pulled a mess of it out and transplanted throughout my yard. this particular bee balm gets to be about 3 feet or more in height. it blooms gigantic red explosions, that can be seen in my neighbors yard!lol! i think im going to experiment more with bee balm, and venture into the different pinks they come in as well.
Bleeding hearts also have a small place in my heart. i have one plant in particular, that was originally planted by my grandfather at his cabin in Coventry. alot of good memories at that place, and the bleeding heart plant was something that always called to me in his garden. My mother took a piece, years before he passed, and planted it at the house i grew up in. When my parents split, and they sold the house, my mother then gave me that particular plant. The little snippet she had taken a long time ago, birthed a 2 foot wide beauty. Now i have the gigantic reminder of my youth with my grandfather, running through his gardens chasing bubbles and dandelions..

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