Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pin Wheel treats

last week i made an amazing blueberry pie. When i do a blueberry pie, i do the top crust in a lattice/basket weave type layer. so there tends to be left over pie dough. what do you do with the left over? well, i make pinwheels. my husband has a huge weakness for these little cinnamon goodies, and my kids cant stop eatting them. they may not come out perfectly shaped every time, but they taste awesome!
Pin wheel treats
left over pie dough
cinn/sugar mix
roll out your pie dough til its almost the same thickness as you would do for making an actual pie. you will want to do this in small portions so it doesnt take over your whole counter. smother the dough with melted butter, then pour on cinn/sugar mix. dont sprinkle the mix, you actually want to pour it on and cover every exposed area with it. roll dough, with fingers, to form a long tube. cut off the ends and place on cookie sheet, continue to cut off spirals. about 1/2 inch thick. baste tops of spirals with melted butter, and a dusting of cinn/sugar. cook at 425 degrees for about 10 mins, or until golden brown.
be warned, these pinwheels might unform, and extra sugar might candy up. but it doesnt affect the taste of them at all!! enjoy!

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