Sunday, April 25, 2010

save the date! May 1st is coming!

HAve you marked your calendar? May 1st is this coming Saturday, and its my grand opening! Ive started putting previews up already. i cant contain myself. i put up some new items, exclusive one of a kind items, and a few collabs. i have a few more items to put up through out the week. Theres more collabs, some Auctions and drawings as well. So far everything is going smoothly, except for the butterflies in my tummy! You would think, having been a wahm for over 2 yrs now, that i would be used to stockings and the hype. But this is my first adventure out on my own, with out the support of a congo. I know ill have friends there to support me, but its the fresh faces im nervous about! I try to be original and new, and i hope everyone gets to see that. I pray that this gets me the exposure ive been craving, and maybe some new opportunities!! Anyway, wish me luck!

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