Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Abounds!

So i finally won some goodies on Love Abounds Manic Monday giveaway, on Facebook. Love Abounds is run by a fantastic wahm, katherine, who comes up with the most decadent and delicious treats. She bakes cookies, candies and shortbreads, and comes up with spice combos, sugars, and teas! There is nothing this woman can not conquer! She once mentioned she even made a cookie with bacon in the recipe! Pure genius!
Anyway, so if you fan her facebook fan page ( just type in Love Abounds and you will find her), you will see her updates daily. On Mondays she does ffs giveaways to her fans. the first person to post under her post, gets whatever prize she has mentioned. now, if youre smart you just post the second you see she did, even if you didnt read the description.. no matter what you are sure to win something wonderful. I did this, last monday. To my surprise, i won her shortbread. i screamed and smiled and cheered.. and waited every day for the mail to come. Well, today it came.
Vanilla bean shortbread with sea salt caramel and beligian chocolate. OMG! one bite of this is not enough. My husband, who was hovering as i cut the first slice, begged for a bite. After devouring his first slice, he proceeded to beg for more! LOL! a little while later, after several trips back into the kitchen to sneak a piece.. i finnished it. i couldnt help it, i swear. it called to me.
I must recommend you try it! fan her page, got to her HC or Etsy shop. you wont be disappointed. She has definatly made my husband and i addicts!
Love Abounds:


  1. thank you thank you this is for you