Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy Earth Day!

How did you celebrate Earth day? id like to think everyone went out and planted a tree, or played in their garden.. but i know thats not always possible. Going green is an everyday thing, though. there are many ways to help our planet, and support our stay at home moms, by changing things in your daily life. heres a few i can think of off hand:
Switch to Unpaper! My family made the switch a few months ago. I decided to cut up my husbands old Tshirts and serge two layers together to make decent sized towels for cleanups. I use these towels in the kitchen, for everything, and i keep some in the bathroom for clean ups in there as well. By doing this i have saved money, saved waste in our landfills, and maybe a tree or two.
Switch to cloth pads! I have not made this switch yet, but its spreading like wildfire amoung many of my peers. There are many wahms out there now that sew cloth menstral pads out of natural fibers that are gorgeous! Ive seen pads made into works of art using designer fabrics, and soft fabrics. a few whams i would recommend are
Switch to cloth lunch baggies! Your childs lunch can be fun and fashionable, as well as cutting back on the amount of plastic we put into our landfills. Sandwich sized baggies are sewn from designer fabrics, and are reusable everyday! you can get them made in prints that your child will love, and theyre not that expensive! a few whams i would recommend are
Use cloth diapers & wipes! Obviously im a huge advocate on cloth diapers. i made the switch with my daughter and never turned back. this alone has saved me hundreds of dollars. If you choose to line dry the diapers, thats even better! you save energy costs! No more spending $40 for a box of diapers that lasts 2 or 3 months. Starting up with cloth does cost money, but you can turn around and resell the diapers later, getting back about half of what you paid. You can also use cloth wipes, which are easy to make yourself ( same as my unpaper towels). Options for cloth diapering are endless, but heres a few of my favs

These are just a few things i can think of off hand. As always i try to support handmade, and my fellow stay at home moms. But our planet comes first! changing just the little things makes a difference. take shorter showers, car pool, use greener cleaning products.. im sure youve heard them all. So why not try going green, and supporting handmade at the same time?
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